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Bosco and his family

“My dear visitors thank you for coming. I want to thank the Almighty for protecting you most
especially this season of the Coronavirus. We have been in a terrible situation of not working and all jobs are at a standstill. We wake up every morning and just sit around with no paid work to do.
Our biggest problem was with the food. But I would love to thank the Almighty for not abandoning us.
At the same time I am very happy because of the sponsors that they are all still alive and with good hearts. It’s like we are family. My family and I are very happy for your support – it wasn’t only once!
We received our first packages of food and again you haven’t forgotten us. I am so happy now and I pray to the Almighty to bless you more with those good hearts and bless your lives. Thanks very much and may the Lord bless you.” – Bosco

he has a good point

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