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Our aim is to help children and young adults with their education to the level where they can become independent, self-supporting adults and break the cycle of dependency on outside agencies.

Where possible, and depending on their abilities, we seek to steer them into further education through Vocational Training or University, thus giving them the opportunity to become mature, equipped, responsible citizens.
To enable this we need sponsors!

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Our Interventions

Starfish families

we support needy children with school fees and requirements and often medical expenses in times of crisis.

Starfish Clinic

We run a health facility catering largely for the many disabled children in the community. Treatment is free of charge.

HOpe in PAin Ministries

A group for widows and orphans with whom we have been involved for more than 20 years. They meet monthly.

Spritual growth

We seek to promote the Gospel of Christ and show his love in practical ways. We counsel our young people and encourage them.