Who we are

Starfish Foundation

The Starfish Foundation has grown out of many involvements which have developed since Mary Mills and Moses Duche first went to work in Mukono, Uganda, in 2009.
There were so many obvious needs and ways developed in which we could help people to the extent that we felt we needed to evolve into a “proper” registered, Christian Non-Government Organisation in our own right.as this would enable us to branch out for funding and networking with other agencies. The official registration was granted in January 2019 (Reg charity number:MIA/NB/2019/01/1959).
We base our work on the Starfish poem, aiming to help people “one by one.”

We work together with Global Care (who are based in the UK) and endorse their motto: “Can’t do everything, Can’t do nothing. CAN do something…”


“Making a difference – one by one”


To develop and empower vulnerable children, youth and women holistically.

Core Values

Starfish Foundation is committed to upholding the Christian faith and its principles of:

  • • Love
  • • Evangelism
  • • Integrity
  • • Team work
  • • Accountability
  • • Equity
What we do

We have five main areas of engagement:

Starfish Families

We support needy children with school fees,requirements and often medical expenses

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The Starfish Clinic

We run a health facility catering largely for the many disabled children in the community

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HOpe in PAin Ministries

A group for widows and orphans with whom we have been involved for more than 20 years

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Spiritual Growth

We seek to promote the Gospel of Christ and show his love in practical ways through our involvement with all whom we serve.

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We aim to help children and young adults with their education to become self-supporting adults

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Field Story

The Starfish Clinic Outreach




children with disabilities under starfish clinic and rehab centre


children and youths under sponsorship program


Partners in Uganda