about this intervention

Promoting the Gospel of Christ

As a Christian organisation, we seek to promote the Gospel of Christ and show his love in practical ways through our involvement with all whom we serve. We counsel our young people and encourage them to become committed Christians.

We partner with Stensonfield Christian Fellowship, UK who have equiped us with an excellent Bible exhibition board. We present bible exhibition reaching primarily children, young people through churches, schools, universities, prisons and vocational training centres. We also take Bibles out to the above-mentioned places. The bible distribution is always preceded by a message from the Bible.
We believe people accept the teaching of Jesus best where they see the compassion of Jesus working.

Main activities:
• Evangelism to beneficiaries, schools, colleges, hotels, health centres and prisons.
• Holding fellowship meetings with the beneficiaries.
• Sharing Inspirational materials with the beneficiaries.

More projects

Our Interventions

Starfish families

we support needy children with school fees and requirements and often medical expenses in times of crisis.

Starfish Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre

We run a health facility catering largely for the many disabled children in the community. Treatment is free of charge.

HOpe in PAin Ministries

A group for widows and orphans with whom we have been involved for more than 20 years. They meet monthly.


We aim to help children and young adults with their education to become independent and self-supporting adults.